SunScape Fashion™ | Ultraviolet Shade Protection cares about sunsafety

 What's in a name, one may ask? I say everything. Just by having a conversation, when someone mentions a person's name, one may recall immediately their disposition; mentality; reputation; strengths; temperament; moral fiber whereas, the list is endless. However, a newborn has not made a name, for itself, but as one grows they develop their unique personality, that will eventually fit them, above all others.
In remission, of melanoma cancer (since 2001) out of need I started my ultraviolet business, in 2007, in offering the highest sun protection UV products to others. I too have experienced many growing pains, in the business world (as a newborn), but very seldom were there issues with customer care and/or product quality.
Living in Arizona, my life depended upon my ultraviolet knowledge, which was nil, at this time. Taking ultraviolet research to heart and then reasoning, on the possibilities, pulled me out of deep depression. This had made me to be more positive, in my focus, with the capability of helping self then others. However, this wasn't easy either as I have a learning/comprehension disability, along with a memory deficit. It takes me much longer to accomplish my goals than the average person. It was well worth the effort and I thank everyone who helped me, along the way, especially my family who never gave up on me.
My name and the names, of my business, is very important to me and hopefully, one day it will be to you too.
  • A Bout Cansurvival™ (legal name for sunglasses) means: People have bouts of cancer but have the courage to survive.
  • SunScape Fashion™ (DBA for sun shade products) means: Escaping, the damaging direct sun rays, in a fashionable but safe way.
  • Sandra - A Greek derivative, from Alexandra, meaning: Defender/Helper of mankind.
  • Why do you sell the items you sell? I wholeheartedly believe and trust in my UV products. With your help, one day, Governments and Businesses will be forced to realize that they need to improve the standards and upscale OSHA's Sun Safety Requirements, from UV 50+ products to 99+.
  • How long have you been in business? Seven (7) years. However, I decided to close my indisputable business, in 2014. Thanks to my family's encouragement, I needed to revamp mostly, from retail, by providing wholesale as well.