About Can Survival DBA: SunScape Fashion Provides Ultra Sun Protection

As a melanoma skin cancer survivor, Sandra Duval, understands the importance of protecting one's self against the harmful rays of the sun.

Discouraged by UV business practices, she set out to create products that actually blocks out the majority of the Ultraviolet sun light, while keeping the user cooler during the heat of the day.

One of her UV Sunglasses is made with a synthetic, called Melanin, (a blue-blocker) which enhances the natural ability to act against harmful solar radiation.

Sandra's commitment to sun safety has a passion for helping others. Along with her honest business practices she has gained the respect of peers and clients. 

It is her desire to see that the Governments and Businesses come together to raise the sun safety requirements of 50+ to 99+. There are more documentation of skin cancers and heat stress fatalities, for our outdoor workers, than ever before. 

SunScape Fashion is about individual safety (UV-PPE) and their quality of life. If she trusts her life, by using her own UV products, then she can consciously sell them to you.

*Doctor, Dermatologist and Opthamologist Recommended!